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Little Picky's

Every Superhero Needs A Sidekick

A kids multivitamin


The Ultimate Sidekick For Your Little Superheroes Health!

Say goodbye to battling your kids to take their vitamins.


A delightful sidekick for:

- Finicky eaters,

- Kids who have food allergies,

- Vegan diet,

- It's hard to absorb nutrients,

- Avoids a specific food groups,

- Or it can be a substitute for a healthier "juice" option. 

Our Products Are

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Functionality You
Will Love

Our formula was thoughtfully crafted to help:

- Fill nutritional gaps

- Hidden Hunger

- Kids on the Spectrum



- Vitamin C to boost immune system

- Vitamin D, Calcium and Magnesium for strong bones and teeth 

- B12 & B6 to help with brain and nervous system

and SO much more

Little Picky's at Mealtime
Let's think about it....

Selective Appetites:

Kids often prefer snacking over full meals, leading to mealtime challenges.

Keep It Simple:

Reduced Frustration:

Smaller portions can decrease stress for parents and make it more likely kids will finish their meals.

To ease mealtime battles, serve smaller portions instead of large plates.

If kids finish their plate and want more, it's a success for everyone.

Win-Win Scenario:

Nutrient Boost:

Pair meals with Little Picky's drink for extra nutrients, ensuring kids get what they need.

Stress-Free Meals:

Whether they eat it all or not, kids still enjoy a healthy and tasty juice alternative, leading to happier mealtimes.


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As a mom of three life is crazy beautiful. My kids are the inspiration behind Little Picky's. They are like most kids and curious about what foods they like and dislike. I formulated, created, and designed all of it with the help of my pediatrician and researching FDA's supplement requirements for kids.

We understand vitamin supplements aren’t a food replacement.

Good insurance policy to have in
kids diet they fill in the gaps and make up for any nutritional shortfalls.


What sets us apart

- Created by a MOM
Our minerals are chelated (key-lated) where allow for better absorption.
- Designed to stay in the recommended daily dose by the FDA
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